Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Feminists killed gender equality

Something has to be done, someone has to get up and tell the women that they will not find liberation by becoming clones of men. What they are is enough, what they feel is real. These days, I notice women, desperate, wanting to prove that they are like men. 

That they can drive like men, earn like men, dress like men, curse like men, drink and smoke like men, fight like men.. why? 

Because they feel inadequate as a woman.

Have a discussion with anyone - even the most liberated feminist out there - would tell you that to gain respect, to achieve gender equality, women need to become men

They'd convince you that only by giving up their feminine qualities, and mindlessly mastering masculine traits, can they be worthy of respect in the society.

If you can leave your child at home with strangers to earn money, you will achieve gender equality in society.

How did they arrive at these lopsided conclusions? 

Because of their lop sided conditioning. Yes, we need gender equality, but who said that only the masculine aspect is worthy of respect, and every feminine aspect is unworthy?

Instead of making things balanced, we (feminists, particularly modern feminists) have managed to make the gender gap even wider. Ironically, instead of building respect for both feminine and masculine aspects of one's personality, they have managed to glorify only the masculine. 

They have actually increased the hostility that existed between the sexes.

Do the contemporary feminists have any answers? 

Is it about equal rights or special privileges, is it about same respect or female supremacy?

Because it does not look like it is about respect for the feminine, rather it seems more like shunning the feminine and awkwardly converting it into masculine.