Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Anarchy Rules

"अब गुजरात में विपक्ष को मुद्दा बिजली का मिला, पानी का, और सड़कों का - तो विपक्ष ने फिर आरक्षण का मुद्दा लेकर हार्दिक पटेल को लाकर खड़ा कर दियाI" - विक्की पंडित

Shri Hardik Patel supported Shri Kejriwal/AAP in 2014, and now Shri Kejriwal is open in supporting Patel in his 'cause'.


Hardik Patel's links with AAP are becoming more apparent - he also mentioned Kejriwal in his speeches, and is not denying his connection with AAP, but he got visibly rattled when media asked about his connection with Kejriwal, and left the interview midway.

Moreover, his close aide from PAAS (Patidar Anamat Andolan Samiti) - Chirag Patel, who is always seen at his side, contested the 2012 Gujarat assembly elections (on Gujarat Parivartan Party's ticket) against BJP's Anandiben Patel. He later joined AAP, as the news reports say, Hardik Patel himself supported AAP in 2014.

Such hooligans! Both use the same modus operandi - demand pointless things, go on dharnas, provoke the police by pelting stones, cry victim when police tries to control the violent agitation, gain public sympathy; media loves the drama for the sheer TRP, and you get public sympathy! 

But how dangerous it is for the masses when such riots occur – how many get injured, how much public property gets damaged - who cares! We are anarchists - we only know how to destroy, we do not take responsibility of anything! 

Since NO real issues left to counter BJP in Gujarat, a non-issue is being concocted by the Opposition and political parties which are vying for space in Gujarat. 

Interesting to look at the role of the MEDIA here - creating a hype around him - in exact SAME manner which they did with Kejriwal and his Jan Lokpal drama. It is not just amusing, but also infuriating to see when media terms such goons as full of "youth power".  

I had a déjà vu about media eulogizing Shri Kejriwal in a similar manner.

But it is curious to see there are some who get fooled by the media hype – and actually believe Hardik Patel is fighting for a 'cause' or fighting for the good of his people! (Déjà vu again!) Just like AAP/Kejriwal manage to do so.

Image credits - Manoj Kureel

The current CM of Gujarat is a Patel, Hardik Patel himself comes from a political family background, and he wants to convince us that Patels are the new "backwards" of Gujarat! 
Even a little child in Gujarat knows how powerful and influential the Patel community is there.

Wish the media would just use some objectivity and portray this man for what he is - a shrewd, dangerous man with political ambitions; just like other reservation advocates. He is a goon who carries and flaunts weapons publicly, scary to see media painting as a 'hero'!

You can always trust an AAP supporter to create mindless dramas and riots. Hardik Patel seems to be a Congress/AAP stooge, who is extremely good at fooling the masses and provoking them to spread anarchy.  He is definitely a poisonous speaker who incites violence and malice. He has someone backing him, time will tell what his real agenda is.   


  1. shame on such a low level politics if AK is behind this, destroying public property in the name of protest can't be justified. Nice article

  2. Thank you, which are the dangerous forces and parties behind all this - only time will establish in a conclusive manner. But the likes of Kejriwal, Hardik Patel have used this extremely anarchist and dangerous way of entering into politics and capturing media's attention. I hope sincerely public can see behind the media hype.
    Thank you for appreciating my post.

    1. Stupid and anti-national Media, Stupid Followers. On one hand society wants to abolish caste system and on other hand they support it by asking for reservation. According to me reservation on the basis of financial condition is fine, but on the basis of caste definitely no. All reservation on the basis of caste should be cancelled.

    2. Yes, i agree - nobody should have reservation - be it Muslims, or women, or SC/ST - it does not truly help the backward communities and people...
      Those who are backward or economically weaker sections - they actually need primary and secondary education - the ONLY way if you want to help a backward community.
      Let everybody compete on their own - the very concept of reservation in jobs is flawed and has FAILED miserably to create equality in society for past 70 years.
      Reservation in jobs is helpful in achieving one thing and one thing only - DIVIDING people.

  3. Very nice and well researched article.
    People like Hardik (Dumb) Patel are threat to Indian society and should be put behind the bars with a non-bailable warrant. Jai Hind!!!

    1. Thanks for the comments.
      Yes, I also hope this matter resolves soon and people of Gujarat are relieved of this monster. But like many people, I also think he has political ambitions and unfortunately, shrewd men like him often find many sympathisers and get votes based on hate politics.

  4. bilkul sahi pahchana apne hardik patel aur kejriwal ko.