Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Caste System

Caste system with different name is there in every religion and community all over the globe. Sects/denominations - hierarchical social order is not unique to Hinduism and India.

"Christianity Today" says there are “approximately 38,000″ Christian sects/denominations.
Most of them have separate Churches, do not inter-marry, do not even visit each others' Churches. There have been several cases of community boycott when couple of different sects has inter-married.

Only recently a Bishop has openly said that inter-caste marriages are against Christianity.

Muslims also have unchi jaat and neechi jaat (Biraderis/Quoms). Upon contact with a low-caste Muslim, a Muslim of a higher jaat can "purify" by taking a short bath. Lower casts in Muslims include - Kunjra, Dhobi, Halalkhor, kalal, Bhanar, Halalkhor, Hijra, Kasbi, Lalbegi, Maugta, Mehtar. 

In Bihar, cases have been reported where higher-caste Muslims have opposed the burials of lower caste Muslims in the same graveyard.

They refuse to marry outside their own respective castes, and in this they are no less strict and particular than the Hindus, honor killings are more rampant & brutal than Hindus, when inter-caste marriages happen.

It is high time we demand that Indian media starts acknowledging the facts in an unbiased manner.
It is time the mainstream media learns to respect all religions equally. Social evils exist in all religions - targeting only Sanatana Dharma will serve in further dividing the country.

If we want to fight this social evil, we have to first acknowledge that it effects all communities and religions in our country. It is not the problem of only one religion. We all have to unite and fight this evil together.

The next generation of Indians has to unite and stop this discrimination against the Hindu community.

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