Tuesday, 9 June 2015


Logically and factually, the thought patterns of both theists/believers and atheists/non-believers are based on things which they cannot prove.

Neither a believer can prove there is God, nor can a non-believer prove that there is no God.

Yet both are adamant and dogmatic, and unable to take a non-judgmental approach to the others point of view. The fanatics of both kinds adapt a holier-than-thou (I am better/Superior than you) attitude.

The fanatic believer says - build places of worship everywhere; the fanatic non-believer says - ban all places of worship. 
The fanatic believer says – there is God everywhere; the fanatic non-believer says – there is no God.

Both kind of extremism is equal in taking sides and creating hurdles in the path of peace.

If we want people to live in peace and work productively - we need a sound education system and good parenting techniques in place - so that we can create humans who know how to respect each other's opinions.

Why is the focus only on raising humans who are skilled at something and can make money - but are not respectful towards people with differing views?

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