Wednesday, 7 March 2018

On being a woman

Feminism has indeed done a lot to give women a chance to carve a niche for themselves. But in the contemporary context, is the feminist narrative of gender equality truly enough? Should we really fight for 'equality' with men? What will we truly gain by proving that we are equal to men. 

Isn't it more worthwhile to feel the richness of being a women instead? To indulge in serious introspection and find out who we really are, what we truly desire for our happiness and peace?

The glory of being a woman, cannot be felt by trying to become like a man. Modern society has created a sense of insecurity in women, they feel they need to copy men, discarding their feminine qualities if they need to earn respect.

But more than ever, women need to feel sufficient within themselves. We are the life force of this universe, we contain the power of knowledge and spirituality, it is we who are the axis wheel of the nurturing home and culture. 

Women fighting for equality from men is petty, since women are as distinct as the North Star in the night sky. Both women and men have their own strengths and claiming to be same is not worth any gain. It is increasingly relevant for us to nurture the feminine power and channelize it for the greater good.

In the Vedic texts, the woman is called Aditi - the one who is not dependent; she is Devi - the one who is divine; she is Jyoti - ever illuminating; she is Saraswati - the  scholarly one! The women Rishika in the Rig Ved like Gargi, Maitreyi, Lopamudra, Indrani, Aditi, Atreyi among others were epitomes of spiritual and intellectual knowledge, because they truly believed in their inner strength. They were not competing against any men, they were competing against themselves to be a finer version of their own self.

This Women's Day, let us pledge to find that inner confidence and celebrate the uniqueness of being a woman. Instead of trying to imitate men, let us nurture the Goddess within!

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